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Se presentan en su mayor parte en el área del vestíbulo vaginal.

  • The achieved extensions can hang down below the labia majora for up to seven inches.

  • The removal of hair from the vulva is a fairly recent phenomenon in the United States, Canada, and Western Europe, usually in the form of or , but has been prevalent in many Eastern European and Middle Eastern cultures for centuries, usually due to the idea that it may be more hygienic, or originating in prostitution and pornography.

  • Mannheim Alemania , 2000, págs.

In women who have had children, the labia majora may also swell significantly during this period, becoming dark red.

  • The use of either male or female condoms is one of the most effective methods of protection.

  • The examiner shown in the Obstetrical examination dated 1822, is adopting the compromise procedure where the woman's genitals cannot be seen.

  • The inner surface of the labia majora is smooth, hairless skin, which resembles a mucous membrane, and is only visible when the labia majora and labia minora are drawn apart.