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YouTuber Nicole Arbour Criticized After She Blasts Lizzo For Crying On Instagram

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YouTube Stars Who Ruined Their Career With A Single Video

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Most of their pranks are relatively harmless, but in 2016, Trollstation member Jarvis and three others were jailed for a total of 72 weeks after a video they filmed at London's National Portrait Gallery went terribly wrong.

  • The life of a YouTuber can be a fast-paced one, however, and the constant need to keep the views up can sometimes lead even the biggest names astray.

  • YouTube Shut her Down When Nicole Arbour posted her video, she was taken down by YouTube and shut down for violating the terms of the page.

  • In 2015, Nicole Arbour got into a controversy after posting a video titled Dear Fat People on her YouTube channel.

He didn't mention acid in the video, but Mosallah's actions resembled an acid attack, and the fact that it was filmed in London where the majority of acid attacks have taken place triggered countless people.

  • Canadian director Pat Mills stated that he decided to hire Nicole as a choreographer for his next film.

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  • Instead of turning back, they filmed the body.