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Minimum height: 172 centimetres 5 feet, 6 inches.

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  • But his daughter Anna Khaldie later filed a lawsuit, claiming the agent seized more than 3,000 of his negatives, as well as prints.

  • Its roots lie with the unsuccessful establishment of other girl groups set up during the early years of the National Socialist movement which focused on teaching language, folklore and history with anti-Semitic interpretations.

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  • As gross as it sounds, boys of Etoro tribe of Papua New Guinea are famous among anthropologists for their ritual homosexual acts, including drinking their elders' sperm to accomplish maturity and to enhance their status as true men.

  • Officials and state-run media have not seen the funny side of it at all.

  • The teenagers, aged 14-18, can be seen performing various chores around the camps including agricultural duties, cooking and gardening.