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He took my top and pulled it over my tits, exposing them, as I had deliberately forgotten a bra.

  • I strolled around the room, waiting for a pause in his game to talk to him; meanwhile my eyes scanned every inch of the room for more cum stains, but except for some suspicious smears on his dark blue drapes, I couldn't find anything.

  • Quite a bit actually as it turned out.

  • Sometimes she will put a condom on me at the last minute when she feels it is throbbing, and other times she will take it in her mouth.

The only difference was that there wasn't going to be any sex in Jason's immediate future, I smiled wickedly to myself as I wriggled my fingers a little deeper into my cunt.

  • I said that I also have a cumrag and knew the smell well.

  • Always amusing to talk to some submissive, dumb cockwhores.

  • Right now, she was only wearing a towel wrapped around her.

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