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Please Forgive Me My Dear Love, please accept my humble greetings.

  • They were only fears instead.

  • Being patient and forgiving with others is something we should all strive for.

  • As I sit upon this rooftop High above the world Searching for my inner peace Deep within my soul There are so many questions That rage within my heart So many problems I don't know where to start With my body so still I am frozen in time Trying to find a way To strengthen my mind To overcome these fears That rage within my heart If only I had someone To help me make a start I really need to change My life and my ways My attitude towards society And all that I say My violent life Has gotten me into a bind And for these reason and more I really need to find Someone to love Cherish and hold To be with me always And help me become bold My heart is a mess I'm weak in the knees So I am turning to you now And hope that you'll see That I do want to change The problems that I have caused Throughout my life Without even a cause The emotional conflicts That made you so sad The anger and stress In the present and past The unfulfilled promises That broke your heart And everything else I did at the start I want you to know That I am willing to pay For the lies that I've said From day to day Please understand The way that I feel For deep in my heart This promise is real I want to apologize For all that I have done Now I know that You really were the one I took all of my anger Problems and thoughts Suppressed them within me And sadly forgot What a wonderful person That you really are Through all of my trials You were that star That picked me up Whenever I was down You made my world spin Round and round Please forgive me Before you go For I have done wrong And now I know Thank you for loving me All of your life I'm sorry I never asked To have you as my wife But then again, It probably would never have worked Cause up until now I've been such a jerk I love you my darling Much more than before From now on until the end of time You will be given much more Than you've ever expected Wanted and cherished For you've been neglected By my selfish heart and savage mind But through it all You never would mind I want you to know That you need not worry For deep in my heart I am truly sorry - This is the one of many poems that I've read by you that I truly love.

Our family is all that matters.

  • How dare i, hurt someone like you? So, please, sweetheart, pardon me.

  • I've really never had anyone tell me they were sorry, let alone quite like this.

  • Could you ever forgive me for my weakness? The little girl cried when she thought she might've lost them in the mountains than the sea.

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