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Mehe: If you could say anything to your detractors, what would you say? I miss the old manic-crazy Spoony, and so I'm retconning everything into one big looney tunes power fantasy.

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  • A Republic of Vietnam Air Force C-130 dropped the fuel bomb, which consumed all oxygen within a radius of 70 meters, killing 250 North Vietnamese troops , capital of.

  • I'd like to think I've gotten a little bit better since those first dark days, and surely only good things can follow in the wake of my determination! After going to Thailand, Thiệu, who was succeeded by Vice-President , moved to London.

I had no idea people were so protective of the show when I did it, and people have misinterpreted my joshing of it like I hate it or something.

  • She was always up for any card or board game either in person or on-line.

  • The event marked the beginning of the decline of domestic terrorism in West Germany.

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