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  • We'd likely sign our immortal soul over to her too after seeing that body a bit!.

  • Review There are a million different source materials from the olden days of fables that keep getting revisited and polished up into a modern retelling, and Faust seems to be the classic tale that keeps getting rebooted for our viewing pleasures! As the story jumps around between flashbacks and flashforwards, we begin to see the classic tale of Faust work it's way out of the narrative of a this director who is clinging to the limited power that she has and uses eroticism, psychological torture between lovers, and guilt to paint a portrait of a women on the verge of giving up everything for unlimited relevance! That is until she meets an enigmatic, sexy, and 24 year old femme fatale screenwriter Sophie Lihi Kornowski who offers her the opportunity to stay relevant with a genius screenplay for the ages.

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