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They were two of my biggest supporters during that rough time.

  • I carried self-loathing, humiliation, fear and shame.

  • But people were not unaware of abuse.

  • A: Please give me your address, so I can head over to your house to take away your phone.

In 2015 it worked with 38 offenders: 11 from Dublin and 27 from the rest of the Republic.

  • Should I turn them in or just turn a blind eye to it? Here, you can keep stumbling all day, like or dislike stories and save them to read later.

  • After the investigation, the entire case was dropped, but the entire process was one of the most stressful experiences of my entire life, made more so by that fact that you cannot talk to anyone about it.

  • I have a long email drafted explaining the situation, but I still have yet to hit send.