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Couple photoshoot Indian Couples

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This is the reason, why when you book 2 hours or more, your get the choice to schedule your photo session at sunrise or sunset.

  • You Make Me Forget Everything —An almost-kiss Pose When it comes to photographing couples, photographers do not always need to tell them how to pose or act.

  • Show the couple your shots list.

  • For instance, bring the old picture frame and ask the models to stand behind it.

Those small moments mount to what makes the bigger picture for you now.

  • Let them sit on a sofa, exchange thoughts, talks about something or even look through a photo album.

  • According to a 2017 survey conducted by 38% of couples share photos of their engagement within minutes or hours of popping the question.

  • We made photography packages for couple photoshoots that are easy to choose from.