Saskia rysha 2015 - Jersey worn by Saskia Webber for the New York Power

Rysha 2015 saskia akulah rysha:

Rysha 2015 saskia Saskia Gutekunst

Rysha 2015 saskia 34465541

Rysha 2015 saskia Saskia Gutekunst

Saskia Frau

Rysha 2015 saskia 2015

akulah rysha: Sambutan Maulidur Rasul Peringkat Kebangsaan 1436H / 2015

Rysha 2015 saskia Serum GDF15

akulah rysha: 2015

Rysha 2015 saskia 2015


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Rysha 2015 saskia August 2015

Rysha 2015 saskia 34465541

Kerojer tu ada, tapi tak sesibuk sebelum ni, sebab sumer aku dah kemas, so sumer up to date, tu yang bila keje datang terus buat, terus filing, terus kemas, jadi tak der dah yang tertangguh, aku sepatutnya amalkan situasi begini bila berada kat luar nanti, baru la keje kemassss sentiasa.

  • My original plan was the blank fringe top I got from from Forever 21 but I don't want to play safe with my look so I've decided to wear this orange cropped top instead from.

  • Depending on how much time I have or how I am feeling I fill in my eye brows with the Sleek Brow Kit in Blonde.

  • I have very dry hair, but can get greasy if not washed for ages.

It makes it a little more exciting to see it on a bigger scale.

  • Nak kasi naik bau, gunakan daun pandan untuk sapu minyak sapi kat acuan tu.

  • Brush wise I'm just going to touch on what are my favourites and what I use them for.

  • I still have a clear vision of my 7th birthday where I had a house party with homemade cakes, cute Disney princess-themed party supplies we bought last minute and friends I invited over.